Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where to Connect With Fans of the CFL

It is a question often asked by fans of the CFL. Where is the best place to connect with fellow fans of the Canadian Football League?

Unlike the NFL, or other major professional sports, the Canadian Football League does not have loads of coverage on the Internet.

But there are places fans can go to get the latest news on the CFL, talk with fans and express their opinions on the Canadian Football League.

Of course the first site that comes to mind is This is the homepage for the Canadian Football League and it has improve vastly over the years.

The site is quick to post up any breaking news and they have also added a media section to the site which makes viewing more enjoyable.

The site also displays some columns written by journalists and other people with a knowledge of the Canadian Football League.

There are fan polls, links to the CFL Shop and basically all the stats and facts that you need to know on the CFL. There is also a link to the CFL Blitz newsletter where you can receive news on the CFL.

Another site that focuses on the CFL is CFL Digest provides all the latest news on the CFL and insight. Other big sites like tsn, cbc and sportsnet also provide coverage of the Canadian Football League.

Out of these sites, I would recommend, as they provide all the latest news and also are home to columnists such as Duane Forde and Chris Schultz.

There are also a number of fan sites and forums on the web that offer fans of the CFL a great chance to connect with other fans. for example is a great site for connecting with fans of the CFL.

Though the site is a Saskatchewan Roughriders forum site, it attracts fans of every team for heated discussions about the Canadian Football League.

The site has improved over the year with news stories added to the front page, video's and they've also added a columns section to the site.

Other team forum site include, (Calgary Stampeders), (BC Lions), (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), (Edmonton Eskimos), (Toronto Argonauts) and (Montreal Alouttes).

So while you may not find the coverage on the CFL that other sports get, there are still ample places to discuss the CFL.

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