Saturday, May 2, 2009

Analyzing the 2009 CFL Draft: BC Lions

I'm going to be doing one review per day and hours after the draft I'll analyze the BC Lions 2009 draft picks.

Round 1, Pick 3: Jamall Lee, RB
Round 1, Pick 4: James Yurichuk, LB
Round 1, Pick 5: Matt Carter, WR
Round 3, Pick 21: Matt Morencie, OL
Round 4, Pick 29: Tang Bacheyie, S
Round 5, Pick 37: Jonathan Pierre-Etienne, DE

Best Value Pick: WR Matt Carter
Carter is a AUS champion helping to guide Acadia to one in 2006, he's also a AUS All-Star and was a All-Canadian as a sophomore. He's a game breaker which is what the Toronto Argonauts desperately need so I was surprised to see them pass on him. Great pick at number five for the Lions.

Best Sleeper Pick: S Tang Bacheyie
The Ontario native and ex-Kansas Jayhawks figured to go late second to mid third, so falling to late fourth round was amazing. Bacheyie brings physicality, size at defensive back, and amazing run support ability. Watch for him in running situations as a rookie.

Worst Value Pick: None
Shockingly I think the Lions had a great draft, Lee will join the team when and if cut by the Carolina Panthers and immediately fills a need at running back. James Yurichuk and Matt Carter were also need picks and can make an immediate impact. Morencie and Pierre-Etienne were ranked in the Top 15 of CIS prospects avaiable by the scouting bureau while Bancheyie was ranked in the top five for NCAA prospects.

Grade: A

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