Sunday, June 7, 2009

Training Camp Eve Cuts

With training camp starting today, the teams started trimming their rosters following the rookie minicamp, cuts came from five of the eight teams and here they are:

HAMILTON-DB Virgil Gray, WR Aaron Fairooz, DE Garrett McIntyre, WR Brandon Myles, DB Jacob Patek, DL Elton Patterson

WINNIPEG-DB Derrick Strait, QB Ryan Dinwiddie, WR Ivan Birungi, LB Bryan Wilson

SASKATCHEWAN-LB Carlos Armour, DE AJ Raebel, WR Toby Zeigler

EDMONTON-DB Brandent Englemon, S Tyler Everett, CB Darnell Terrell, LB Rory Johnson

MONTREAL-WR Kevin Marion, WR Javid James, SB Erik Galas, QB Brad Roach, QB Shane Boyd, G Ryan Karhut, CB Tim Sims, CB Kwasi Nkansah

In other news, the Montreal Alouettes have announced that starting defensive back Randee Drew will miss all of training camp still recovering from a August ACL surgery. The Alouettes have also announced the suspensions of WR Andrew Hawkins and DL Tim McGill.


  1. The roster changes will be interesting in the next few weeks. I'm surprised to see Dinwiddie released but Bombers' Mike Kelly does seem to have a clear plan with his roster. Als' Andrew Hawkins is suspended while he tries out on that reality tv show Fourth and Long. Saw the first episode and seemed fairly interesting but are you going to get a better look through a game show or in an actual training camp? For now, it appears he has hung on to his roster spot anyway.

  2. I hear that, looks like with Hackney and Dinwiddie looking for jobs, LeFors has the job all sewen up. And yeah Hawkins looks great on the show, having seen all of the episodes he's probably the favorite to win it but clearly things can change quickly. But my best guess is that an actual training camp would be better based on the fact that you're going to be going against better competition not other training camp foder (is that how you spell that?).