Friday, June 26, 2009

Calgary Stampeders Make Cuts

CALGARY, AB-The Calgary Stampeders announced yesterday their final cuts and practice roster:

QB Matt D'Orazio
RB Cedric Thompson
WR John Kanaroski
WR Vincent Marshall
WR Jackie Chambers
SB Scott McHenry
OT John Hashem
DL Julian Jenkins
DL E. J. Kuale
DB Anthony Ivy
DB Perry Kyles

Practice roster:
OL Mike Byrne
DB Quinton Meaders
DL Kelvin Morris
DL Osie Ukwuoma
RB Derek Watson
OL Jon Gott
OL Steve Myddelton


  1. You actually released Matt D'Orazio from your team. I guess National Lampoon is right about Canada! At least the Stampeders
    The only thing Matt does is win. I am happy I waited to get any Tee Shirts.

  2. I hear you, D'Orazio's a great QB, but clearly Calgary felt they had no use for him. I'm guessing they figured out that his game is more useful in Arena and not Canadian football.

  3. MATT is excellent!!!!!! But know if the AFL comes back The SOUL can get MATT D'ORAZIO