Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amos Allen: A Chip off the Old Block?

Amos Allen graduated from the University of South Dakota in 2007, which was a year after star Stefan Logan left.

After Logan's failed NFL stint with the Miami Dolphins, he headed northwest to the BC Lions. Joining him there was his Pop Warner friend, Amos Allen.

Allen and Logan first met as kids in Miami, Fla., and were both neglected by Division I-A NCAA teams.

Logan went on to go to play at South Dakota, only to have Allen follow him there.

After going undrafted in 2007 and joining the Dolphins practice squad midway through 2007, he joined the BC Lions for 2008.

Allen, on the other hand, also went undrafted, and instead of waiting joined his childhood friend in the Lions backfield.

Logan went on to start for the team, while Allen was cut in training camp.

In 2009, Logan signed on with the Pittsburgh Steelers while Allen tried to follow up Logan's performance and re-joined the BC Lions.

However, for the second straight year, he was cut by the Lions in training camp.

On the other hand, Logan made the Steelers' final roster as a kick returner and debuted last Thursday.

Allen finally made a team, joining the Toronto Argonauts, and debuted on Friday, a season after Logan made his debut.

Logan was the return specialist for the Steelers while Allen shared returning duties with rookie wideout Jason Carter.

Throughout their respective careers, they both got shunned from opportunities and were forced to work for them.

Logan started for the South Dakota Coyotes in 2006, Allen in 2007.

While Logan starred for the Lions in 2008, Allen first played in 2009 and has yet to make a major impact.

However, if Toronto running back Jamal Robertson were to go down, Allen would step in and take all or most of the carries.

If he makes an impact in the return game and in the backfield, don't be surprised to see Allen follow up Logan once again and join an NFL team a special teamer.

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