Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Derick Armstrong Remains Free Agent, But for How Long?

After one game this year, in which wide receiver Derick Armstrong declined to play since he was made designated import, he was released.

Following his release, many Hamilton fans like myself believed it would be a match made in heaven for Armstrong to team up with star Prechae Rodriguez and young quarterback Quinton Porter. But that never turned out and Hamilton ended up trading the rights to defensive lineman Corey Mace (now with the Bills) to the Argonauts for unhappy star Arland Bruce.

Now let's think here, Hamilton now has more than likely no interest in him, Montreal should be good without him, Calgary has seven active ones so no need there, Edmonton is solid enough and Saskatchewan has really no problem with its wideouts.

So that leaves BC and Toronto since I doubt Winnipeg will take him back. But since Toronto recently re-signed P. K. Sam (he signed with Buffalo in the offseason but was waived when he became injured) and so far Mike Bradwell and Tyler Scott have held their own as well. So I'll take Toronto out of the running.

That leaves BC if you didn't figure that out already. Why BC you ask? Yes, Paris Jackson was a CFL West All-Star last year and Geroy Simon is just amazing. Rookie Emmanuel Arceneaux has also impressed while there's really nothing wrong with Ryan Grice-Mullen, Rufus Skillern, Greg Hetherington and Lyle Green. But that's just the thing everyone other than Simon will get no more one defender. And since you play three that's not so good.

By bringing in Derick Armstrong, the Lions add another scary wide receiver which will take some attention off of Geroy Simon who's been held pretty quiet for who he is. In my opinion, the Lions should bring in Armstrong if they hope to turn around their 1-4 start.


  1. Sure, they've already taken supposed bad boy JoJuan Armour who was cut loose by Calgary. If BC cannot beat a Roughrider team who has only managed to squeak out wins over good teams, then I wouldn't be surprised to see Buono make a move like this. Armstrong has had some good numbers in the recent past.

  2. Only managed to squeak out wins over good teams? You make it sound like BC is expected to beat the Riders. Have you been watching the Lions play... they are playing poorily. BC will be lucky to avoid a blowout. Wes Cates is healthy and BC's run defense is porous.