Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should the BC Lions Start Jarious Jackson Now?

Hey guys, I'll now be serving as an exclusive CFL and BC Lions writer for The CFL Report.

The answer to that title question would be, "Heck yeah!"

On July 16, 2009, BC Lions fans witnessed a saddened approach of quarterback Buck Pierce, who went down with an injury after a concussion. But although they did win with a score of 40-22, it showed a sign of what skills their backup quarterback had. Jarious Jackson showed what he can do on the football field.

He threw a pair of touchdowns that game as he created a tandem with Geroy Simon. Jackson had thrown for 362 passing yards and four touchdowns that game, showing that he deserved to be the man when Pierce is out.

Jackson also created a tandem with Paris Jackson, and after tearing up the Eskimos, Jarious and Paris Jackson were named the CFL's Finest Players of the Week. then named the group called the "Jackson Two," which sounded somewhat similar to the Jackson Five. But no need for music, this is the Canadian Football League.

After the powerful performance, Jackson also displayed speed as he is a good scrambler in the pocket. He also ran for 20 rushing yards on three carries during that 40-22 win. But after that, the Lions were destroyed by the Calgary Stampeders in a 48-10 loss the next week. It looked the Lions were literally stampeded.

Buck Pierce had a very poor performance which brough Jackson in, who scored the only touchdown of the game on a one-yard dig. Although he didn't play that good, at least it wasn't as worse as Buck Pierce's.

Now it brings me to something, should the BC Lions start Jarious Jackson?

I mean, come on, they have the best backup quarterback in the CFL right now. Let's examine the stats of Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson:

See now? Jarious Jackson is coming close to Buck Pierce's passing yards despite Pierce playing two more games. Jackson is already beating Pierce to it in touchdowns. He has less interceptions and he has a better rating than Pierce.

Overall, Jackson has been much better Pierce this year. He already has the same amount of stats even though Pierce has played more games. It is surprising actually. Pierce has been playing very poor this year as well. Jackson has shown quite an improvement this year.

I really do think Jarious Jackson deserves the job as starter. He has the speed, the quickness, and the arm. Jackson also has more knowledge of the game than Pierce as he also had some playing time in the NFL for quite some time. I do think the BC Lions should think about making a switch.

With the Lions at 1-3, and their only game that was won was when Jackson started, I think it's time switch and be Grey Cup champions like they were three years ago. The clock is ticking, and Jackson is waiting.

The Lions need to make a move now.


  1. What do you guys think? Jackson or Pierce?

  2. Jackson should definitely start, being a Rider fan I would rather have Pierce in there, but despite a good start for Jackson, I don't think either of them are that good and it will be a dog fight for second place in the west this season between BC, Saskatchewan and Edmonton.